How Much Neymar Earns and What he Owns?

Published on: 17 June 2019

Football also known as soccer is the most popular sport in the world with quite more fan base than any other sport. It is also wildly known for paying big buck to the footballers. Compared to other known sports it is also more complex and require more stamina and endurance. American football is the most closet sport to the football in terms of movement coordination, thinking, team work and running but not at the same level. Since this sport pay big money, professional footballers have access to most luxuries’ items and perks. Fans of the sport are interested in what these players can afford and cost of huge mansions, private planes, designer clothes, boat and luxury watch they own. Here we list what we know about Neymar. The Brazilian professional footballer Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, most commonly known as Neymar plays as a forward for French club Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazil national team.

According to ‘Forbes’ Neymar is the highest paid athlete in the world with $105 million in earnings as of June 10 2019.  He is on a 5 year contract with Paris Saint-Germain worth $350 million till 2022. Before PSG he was in contract with Barcelona, his transfer to PSG also stands at the worlds highest at $263 million paid in advance. Neymar is the 2nd most popular athlete on social media with over 200 million followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Neymar House in Brazil

Neymar owns a 6,265 square meters house in Brazil. House has 1647 m2 of living space, having five bedrooms and six suites. A tennis court, swimming pool, gymnasium, helipad and a dock are located outside the living space. Neymar payed €8 million for this house.


Neymar Watch collection

Brazilian professional footballer also has love for the timepieces. He spent whopping 20 Million yen on 16 watches and 5 accessories in a single day while shopping in Tokyo from GaGa Milano Boutique. According to exchange rate yen to dollar watches cost his $184,620. After that Gaga Milano hired him to be the brand ambassador and he has been spotted wearing Gaga watches plenty of time.


Neymar Yacht

Being rich and successful at very young age, Neymar spend a lot of money on lavish lifestyle and luxuries. According to ‘Naijauto’ his yacht costed him $8 million and this is not all, yacht requires annual maintenance.


Neymar Jets and Helicopter

Professional footballer Neyar owns not one but two jets and a helicopter as well. The bought his first jet ‘Phenom 100’ for $4 million with registration PT-LBL. This jet is managed by Power helicopters a bazillion distribution and service center of Robinson Helicopters. Jet may also be sponsored by them.

Neymar bought his second jet ‘Cessna Citation 680’ for $5 million in 2016 with registration PR-SMK. The helicopter he owns is an ‘Eurocopter EC130’ which has $4 million price. Helicopter was bought by him in 2013.


Neymar car collection

Neymar owns many cars of which few with outrageous price tags are Lamborghini Veneno - ₦1.6 billion, Lykan Hypersport - ₦1.2 billion, Aston Martin Vulcan - ₦840 million and Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita - ₦1.7 billion.