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The 5 Best Online Games for Football Fans

Published on: 16 November 2021
The 5 Best Online Games for Football Fans
Online games

Right now, the football gaming world is electric. Of course, the FIFA franchise is still the most popular football game – and maintains complete control over the industry – but there are still plenty of other games around that are sure to please all the football fans out there.

Want to learn about them? Keep reading for a list of the five best online games for football fans.

1.   Darts Games

Darts games are loved by football fans. This is because darts has a similar competitive edge to football and is filled with lots of excitement. Click here to learn about the best darts games to play on your mobile. You’ll even be able to link up with your friends to see who’s the best (which means you’ll no longer have to rely on your local pub’s dartboard!). Plus, it is the perfect game for half-time when you are waiting for the match to kick off once again when at the stadium.

2.   FIFA 22

Never in human history has a gaming franchise been so universally loved and hated at the same time. A lot of credit must go to its developers, EA, who have produced an incredible product with FIFA 22. Gone are the days of overpowered skill moves and pace merchants, as the gameplay is now significantly more realistic. This has gone down extremely well with FIFA fans around the world, who haven’t hesitated to claim that it’s the best FIFA to be released in years.

Career mode has seen a major revamp. Ultimate Team has lots of interesting new features (such as a completely revamped Division Rivals and FUT Champs). And even Pro Clubs has had some nice little improvements, so there’s definitely something for everyone.

3.   FIFA Football (mobile)

FIFA Football (only available on mobile) is essentially the miniature version of FIFA 22. Of course, the graphics aren’t as good due to it running on iOS and Android, but the gameplay is still quite satisfactory and definitely worth giving a try. For example, if you’re on the bus to work or are stuck in a long queue while shopping, FIFA Football is a great game to pass the time.

4.   eFootball 2022

For years, PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) was FIFA’s only major rival. However, PES finally waved the white flag and rebranded into eFootball 2022.

eFootball 2022 is basically a stripped-down version of PES, with significantly fewer features and modes. However, it’s free to play (yes, you read that right), so there’s no harm in checking it out to see if you like it. Plus, it’s a great alternative for those times when you don’t feel like playing FIFA or simply want to try something new.

5.   Football Manager 2022 (releasing soon)

The Football Manager series is truly iconic, and Football Manager 2022 will finally be dropping this November. If you’re a fan of tactics and realistic simulations, then Football Manager is absolutely for you. You’ll be able to manage any team you like – from Manchester United to Chelsea – to see if you have what it takes to win leagues and trophies.

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